Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Woe is me!

Lately, I've been facing the same kind of dilemma on a daily basis.  My issue is this: I'm constantly exhausted and achy.  I know, I've mentioned it before.  Yes, it is just the last few weeks left, so I should stop complaining about it.  The reason I don't shut up though is exactly that - I'm running out of time.

I know that once Creature is born, I will have to still be productive even when I am exhausted to the point of nearly dropping dead on my feet.  I am trying to tell myself I'm better off making the best out of it now whilst I still have time to rest...

I get bored resting! There is so much I'd like to do! Most of the things that were priorities have been dealt with.  I still wish to get more things done though - such as going over at my parents' Summer residence and look up some books we had when we were much much younger! Or just to go somewhere for coffee,for example.

Coffee -my beloved,how I miss thee! As an insomniac, I need coffee to function throughout the day.  No, caffeine is not the reason behind my insomnia.That much I know for a fact. Right now,I'm on an extremely limited intake of Coffee -not more than2 instant coffees a day.  This means, it gives me a tiny bit of energy for a very short period of time, whilst still worsening the heartburn.

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