Monday, 30 January 2012

The Hospital Diaries: Oh, The Drama!

A few hours after getting the ultrasound done, Food Lady walked into the room to tell me to pee in a container and go to the Treatment Room so that a She-Doc could examine me.

Turns out Food Lady is a nurse of sorts and I decided that her rhetorical questions annoy the living crap out of me.

She-Doc took 20 minutes to come into the room, and the moment she walked in, I could hear the dramatic music accompanying her.

She said that Creature is a big baby - estimated to weigh 3.7kg. This caused her to want to consult with the Profs. I waited for her to come back, which she did after about 10 minutes. She said that Profs was concerned Creature would either get stuck at the shoulders or I would bleed excessively.

She agreed to examine me before taking any decisions. Thus, my getting fingered with my mum standing right in front of me. Yay!

I'm surprised no one commented about the piercings since I left everything in its place for now. Anyway. The She-Doc looked at the midwife in the room and gave her The Look. You know the one people give you when they are about to break some bad news to you and are pitying you? That look there.

She-Doc said I was nowhere close to being physically ready for birthing physically. She said they wouldn't use the gel, and could re-examine me in the morning but 99.9% it would be a C-section.

It felt as if the world had collapsed on my head. I really wanted to avoid having to resort to it.. Only to be told I won't even get the opportunity to try and give birth naturally.

I had been wanting to try and go painkiller-free. With a C-section? Not an option. A Spinal is required.

The midwife in the room tried to argue in my defence as she noticed I was trying to hold back tears. All it took for the floodgates to open was her asking me if I was ok with it. I said "I have to be." And so she said "I could see it written all over your face."

I came back to my room and an ECG was taken to monitor my heartbeat, questions were asked, and then blood was taken. Thankfully the person taking the blood knew what she was doing. Another midwife stopped by to try and reassure me that it is for the best. I was attached to the monitor again.

In the meanwhile I had been gulping down Raspberry Leaf Tea - which midwives confirmed to me today that it does promote contractions. On the monitor, contractions kept getting recorded even though I didn't feel them.

Once the monitor was taken away, a second She-Doc offered to re-examine me and argue in my favour with Profs to get me the opportunity for natural birth.

Once she examined me though, she gave me the same Look. My heart sank even lower, if that is even possible. She still walked away to talk to Profs..

She returned a few moments later and said "I spoke to Profs. He said, and I quote, 'I don't want a dead baby.'" I shut up and nodded, admitting defeat. There isn't much I can say as a comeback. I don't want to risk any harm coming to Creature merely out of my stubbornness and wounded feminine ego.

I still am very pissed off about it all. I hate the pitiful worried looks I keep getting, or the fact that everyone keeps bugging me asking what's wrong, or trying to convince me there is a silver lining to it all. I appreciate it, but I'd rather everyone fucks off and leaves me be.

My mum decided to spend the night here with me. I wish she hadn't. I really would prefer to be on my own right now. I have to deal with this crappy situation my way, and I can't do so with people around me.

A blooming idiot of a He-Doc had to stick a Canula Needle in my arm so that a drip can be attached to it. He first poked my inner elbow and friggin wriggled the plastic tube inside my arm, poking the needle in and out of the plastic tube. He then tried to flush it, but it hurt. So he removed the tube and poked me a second time, this time on the back of my hand. Leading to my bleeding all over the bedsheets, down my fingers, and dripping on the floor. (See photo)

Oh, did I mention he seemed to have been a Michael Jackson fan? He did all of the above wearing just the ONE latex glove.

Once he fucked off, my mum, Rose, my elder sis and her boyfriend were having brief banter, until my cousin arrived for her night shift.

The drip thingy was attached to my hand, and I was then attached to the monitor again. No contractions showed up this time.

I am now trying to make the most of the remaining hour and a half or so left til midnight. I cannot eat or drink anything after that.

Anyway, that should be enough to bring you lot up to date for now.

Toodles! X


  1. Make sure you rest Ros :) you're in my thoughts!!

    Mwa!! XXX :)) xxx

  2. Perhaps Feminine Ego has been wounded but you made a decision based on the well-being of your child so your maternal instincts work perfectly, Feminine Ego should find at least some comfort in that =)
    I'm glad to see that even in the midst of all this, you still have your sense of humour :D
    Take care of yourself, Sweet Pea


  3. Take care Ros hope all goes well x