Monday, 16 January 2012

How not to screw up another person's day

You would think people would be more considerate when they will be potentially needing something from you - such as a business transaction.Well, you'd be wrong.

On Thursday I received a phone call from my landlady asking if I will be home on Saturday morning, as a real estate agent and a potential buyer wished to view the place.  The place where I live is for sale - so even though it had been a few months since someone came to have a look at it, this was not unexpected.  I said I would be - even though it was between 8am and 10am - silly o'clock in my books.

No one showed up. No one called, emailed or texted.

I thought that maybe the landlady forgot to contact me, and just shrugged it off. She called again today to say that she was contacted by the Agent again today who had not warned her that they did not show up, and to ask if I'll be home at around 4pm. I said I would be and would let her know if they don't show up.

Needless to say,by 5pm no one had come by. When I texted her, she said that again, no one contacted her- and that she called the Agent herself to find out what's up.  Agent said the potential buyers got stuck in the rainstorm.

At this point in time, I'm tolerating this kind of crap. However, should something like this happen after  Creature is born, there will be hell to pay.


Well, children need a strict routine.  Otherwise life will become too difficult for you as a parent. This means that bedtime should be at a fixed hour. Waking up should too.  Feedings as well.

Now, if someone tells me they'd be coming over at a specific time, I would have to make sure it does not disrupt Creature's schedule.  If they show up late, then they'll just have to sod off and come back another time.

Another reason is going out.  To go anywhere with a baby/toddler, it can take you a couple of hours to get both of you ready, and gather all you might need in a bag.  Having someone not honouring their appointment means it would throw off the rest of the day.

This little rant will perhaps come in useful for those of you who are childless and/or forgot what it means to have a very young child to cater for in your household. If you agree to a plan, stick to it, or cancel way in advance.  If you're running late, it should be common courtesy to warn the person waiting for you.

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