Monday, 23 January 2012

The Wheel Keeps On Turning

As some of you may know, at the moment there is a bit of a chaotic situation happening within my family healthwise.  I really think the hospital should assign us a room to pitch a tent in and save us the trouble of coming and going there on a regular basis.

My grandmother was released from hospital 3 days ago after being there for about 10 days due to her doctor's suspicions  that she might be having early signs of renal failure and/or gastric issues.  She wasn't able to take any of her meds for a while as she couldn't hold anything she's ingest down.  At hospital they put her on intravenous medications and she responded to treatment very quickly. 

The issue is this - since being sent back home, she went back to square one.  Meaning, this evening, she got referred back to hospital by her doc.  She is currently laying on a stretcher in the Emergency Room with my mum to keep her company, waiting for a bed to be assigned to her and for more tests to be carried out.

This year is a year of radical changes within my family.  Not only is Creature due any minute now, but my brother is also getting married later on in the year.  These are both events that my Gran is really looking forward to.

Knowing how her health is failing her lately, it does make me wonder whether she will be around to witness these two events. As bad as this may sound, I am making a conscious effort to keep in mind that everyone is here on borrowed time, and that at 82years of age, she has had a good long life.  Kinda trying to prepare myself for the inevitable, since it must happen sooner or later.  I can only hope that it will be later though.

It also makes me wish for Creature to be born sooner, just to make sure she gets to meet him/her. Few people get to meet their great-grandchildren. I'd like her to be one of those few.

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