Saturday, 14 January 2012

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock

Anyone who has been a 'friend' of mine on Facebook for at least a year knows I like countdowns. Not just generic countdowns.  Mine would be exact to the minute. I like counting down to whatever it may be that I'll be looking forward to. Travels, a particular event- you name it.

Therefore, this sucks.

I don't like not knowing when Creature will be here. Having an estimation is not good enough for me.I have come to realise that I really do love plotting and planning! Not just evil mischievous schemes - but serious stuff too.

A friend of mine recently asked me if I had any dreams in life. I thought about it for awhile and realised that I don't.  I don't have dreams - I have plans.

Not so much nowadays.

I grew accustomed to being in control at all times of my life.I don't like being helpless or having to rely on others.That is why it has been so tough for me to adapt - I think I have come a long way though when it comes to involving others in things I cannot take care of myself at this present moment in time.
I only wish I had a better idea of when Creature will be evicted from my womb.

I look forward to having my internal organs shift back to their original places and to be able to sleep on my stomach again!

There will be plenty of challenges I will have to face, mind you. I am currently trying to figure out how on earth I will manage to successfully have a shower with Creature around.I will have to keep him/her close so I can keep an eye on him/her. Either that, or have someone come over and babysit whilst I shower.

Cooking might be tricky as well - mainly to keep the food from getting burnt. Ah well, practise makes perfect they say!

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