Thursday, 12 January 2012

By the pricking of my thumbs, Something awesome this way comes!

I have had my Doc's appointment yesterday - just the usual scan & check-up.  Turned out I gained 2 kilos since my last visit 2 weeks ago. 2 kilos is good.  It looks like Creature is putting on weight rapidly since from my end, the only thing to get bigger has been the belly as far as I can tell.

It is now getting to a point where Creature is filling in, meaning limbs are becoming a bit hard to tell apart on the sonogram machine's monitor.  I didn't get measurements this time as I couldn't see them clearly from where I was laying down, angle-wise.  The only one I could see was the abdominal circumference [AC] as being 35cm - that's 2.5cm-ish bigger than a couple of weeks ago!

Profs, [my doc is actually a Professor] said that he is thinking I may be induced a week early, depending on Creature's developments.  The moment he said it, a light bulb went off in my head.  On my paperwork, the Estimated Due Date is the 7th of February - a week early would make it... Imbolc!

Imbolc is the first Sabbat to happen iwthin the Modern Day Calendar [in Paganism, the New Year would start on Samhain a.k.a. Halloween], which is followed by Yule and then Imbolc].  In Christianity, Imbolc is known as Candlemas, and it also happens to be known as Groundhog Day in the States.

Imbolc coincides with St Brigid's Day.  Brigid, also known as Brighid, Bríde, Brigit, Brìd) is the Gaelic goddess of poetry, healing and smithcraft.  As both goddess and saint she is also associated with holy wells, sacred flames, and healing. The lighting of candles and fires represents the return of warmth and the increasing power of the Sun over the coming months

Brigid is borderline Goddess/Saint.

This to me hold a very particular meaning.  As I'm writing, I have come to realise that there is a hell of a lot going on, most of which you might dismiss as being a pattern I'm seeing only because I am biased.  I will not attempt to convince anyone of anything.  Let us just say that I do not believe in coincidences.  There is a lot that will become clear to me and to those around me in due time.

If Creature turns out to be a redheaded girl, it will be the finishing touch to it all.  I know I'm being cryptic, and for that, I apologise.

If I may, I will try to explain myself.

A while back, I got a tattoo on my forearm... a female dwarf called Bridget. Bridget Stouthammer.  Although she is tattooed in Black & Grey shading, she is a redhead.  In other versions of the same dwarf - namely ones in colour - this feature is highlighted - excuse the pun.  I got her done not only because of my love for dwarves within the fantasy world - especially female ones as they seem to be pretty uncommon.  My reason for getting her done, and placed on my left forearm, is for her to symbolise the Warrior aspect of the Goddess.  She has a pleasant smile on her handsome face, but her right hand is holding a Hammer that is casually slung on her shoulder, and her left hand is on her belt, right next to her short sword.  Piss her off, and you'll pay dearly for it.

Now.... today after the realisation that Creature might be born on Imbolc, I tried calling a very dear friend of mine, to let her know.  I knew she would understand immediately why I was somewhat excited about it.  She was too.

As my mother and I were walking past a pet store on our way for coffee, before the Prenatal class started, I noticed this plant:

Well, not the plant itself, anyway.  The sign above it saying "Madonna Lily".  The plants were unremarkable, as they were not flowering so they weren't much to look at.  I just recall thinking to myself "Hmmmmm.... huh? Cool name. I like Lily." and immediately started singing this song in my head.

I thought nothing of it... until now. 
Plant motifs associated with St Brigid include Madonna Lily (since medieval times, also associated with the Virgin Mary) and the Brigid anenome (the Windflower or Poppy Flowered Anemone, since the early 19th century), while Cill Dara, the church of the oak, is associated with a tree sacred to the Druids.

Another thing I realised whilst reading the Wikipedia articles about both the Saint and the Goddess is that there is also a connection to the Black Madonna.  Another good friend of mine was always passionate about the Black Madonna - and all the information I know about Her is thanks to him.  We grew apart nowadays - as tends to happen when life gets in the way - however we still have long chats whenever possible.  After not hearing from him for a while, he messaged me two or three days ago, and the subject of the Black Madonna came up again.

Now... nothing might come out of all this.  For all I know, Creature might be a boy.  Either way, I wanted to put this out there, just in case.  I didn't want to write about it after Creature's birth as I didn't wish for any of this to be thought of as mere fabrication.

Be it a boy or a girl, I believe that Creature will be bringing quite a bit of magick in my life - not simply in the manner that children tend to - but in a more esoteric sense.  Who knows?

I'm excited!


  1. those seem like seriously awesome signs to me.

  2. It would be extra lovely if you do have him/her on a extra special day. Their birthday will become an extra special day to you though no matter when they are born. There is no doubt that your kid will be anything other than awesome though xx

    My family has some special days in our life events, my birthday is the Autumn Exquinox 2 years out of 4, my mums is Samhain and we have a sad one too in that my sister passed on Beltane before I was born.