Thursday, 19 January 2012

This is ourselves - Under pressure

So, today I had my doc's appointment. I met up with my mum and grabbed a quick bite before catching the bus to go to the doc's clinic.   Got stopped by numerous annoying promoters trying to sell random crap [such as Vodafone promoters blablabla] - which I obviously ignored.  There were two such promoters though that I stopped to talk to - they were raising funds for a girl who used to work with me - Angie Bajada - who was involved in a really bad bike accident a while back and is nowadays in a vegetative state.  She was 21 years of age when this happened, and has a very young daughter.

On the bus, it got me thinking.

How many risks have I taken in the past without giving it a second thought? More than I care to remember.  I don't know what would be the hardest thing to deal with - watching your own parents grieve for you, or watching your child[ren].  What would be best, to live in a vegetative state or to die?  It somehow puts things into perspective and makes you understand what must have been going through your parents' heads whenever they warned you to be careful - or got upset at your being reckless.

Once at the clinic, it didn't take long for us to see the midwife.  Turns out I gained 500 grams within a week.  Acceptable in my books.  She listened to Creature's heartbeat which she was pleased with, and checked some other stuff. All was well.

This led to us waiting for a while longer for the Doc to see us.  After a short while, it was our turn.  Doc did the ultrasound scan, and the first thing he tried to check was the BPD [explained in this previous blog].  He goes "How big is this baby's head?! The computer is saying 'Out of range' when I try to measure it!"  This made me giggle - if a bit nervously at the thought of Creature's big head having to be squeezed out of me.

Anyway.  He managed to take a measurement and checked that everything else is up to speed as well.  Doc then says "I'm guessing you're eating correctly, right? I would think so, judging by the baby's development." Yay!

So, once I get off the couch, he proceeds to tell me "I will see you next week, and I will probably then send you off to hospital the following day."


Doc carries on to say "Next Thursday, during your appointment, we'll see how the development is going, and I'll give you the date of when you'll be admitted into hospital next week.  It will probably be the  Friday, otherwise we risk the Baby becoming too big.  We'll use this gel to get things going, then after about 12 hours we use it again, and the contractions will do everything by themselves.  We'll just be giving it a little push."

This means that by next weekend, Creature is likely to be here!!  It is scary,exciting, and every other emotion in between!

On this note, I'm off to bite my fingernails some more.


  1. YAY!!! So excited to see creature!!

  2. Babbbbbyyyyyyyyyyy yayyyyyyyyyyy

  3. :D



    Come to think of it eh.... what a cool mum the creature will have :>