Friday, 20 January 2012

An angel; or, if not, An earthly paragon.

Lately, whoever I talk to - mainly people who don't know me that well, to be honest - well... they are all going for the "Soon you'll have a little angel" approach. Every time I read that, it makes me giggle. 

Seriously, Creature is my child. I don't expect him/her to be angelic.If anything, s/he'll probably be a little terror.  Considering there is the whole Doomsday Prophecy thing going on this year, it got me thinking, and I figured that it is probably referring to the day when Creature takes his/her first steps. It is very possible that the date will indeed be the 21st of December 2012.  As soon as those first steps are taken, that is where the real trouble will begin!

My faith in his/her being an Angel is nonexistent - to the extent of my having obtained clothing and bibs with Little Monster[s] as a theme.  To be fair, they are cute monsters. Still, I know I was no angel back in my days, so I don't expect my child to be otherwise.

To me though, being a little terror does not mean not having manners or being inconsiderate.  It just means being fun and getting up to mischief. There is such a thing as safe mischief after all. I should know - I'm guilty of several accounts of such occurrences.

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  1. Daniel is mine... he's a little demon... 1 which I adore obviously.

    However love... new born... YES he was most definitely angelic!