Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Why my friends are cooler than yours

As I've mentioned in a previous blog, Bmod people are awesome!

Since Creature is a Bmod Baby [i.e. conceived by two Bmod members who actually met at a Bmod Official event], s/he has been treated as such from Day 1.  Seriously.  To most people, a Baby Bump is just that. The baby huddled up inside seems  to be an abstract entity... whereas the mother-to-be becomes a Uterus On Legs.

When it comes to Creature though, Bmodders have universally adopted an approach of addressing him/her separately to myself, and the excitement levels of us meeting in person, and them meeting Creature,are completely separate too.I consider that to be pretty damn awesome!

In the meanwhile, quite a few friends have been sending gifts for Creature. They are very much appreciated!   I don't have photos of every single gift at the moment, so I'll just include a couple.

Awesome Pirate Quilt by Cap'n Eui

Punny and geeky clothing from Kyrie & Andy

Serious thought has been put after each and every gift - which makes it even more amazing.  I love that Creature is so well-loved already.  I can't wait til the two of us get to travel and meet our Bmod family!

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