Friday, 13 January 2012

Think of the children!!

I have been pondering this subject for a while... I've already clarified why embarrassing photos are taken... What I cannot figure out though, is why children are encouraged to make complete and utter fools of themselves on video, only to have it uploaded on Youtube.

A lot of the internet sensation children happen to be of the overly obese variety too - which to me is quite concerning.  Not only are the parents of the children in question willing to have the world take the piss out of their child - with the possibility of that episode coming back to haunt them later on in life... but they are also willing to ignore their child's apparent health issues.

Yes, chubby children can be cute.  Cute only lasts until their weight becomes a cause for bullying, as well as bringing along health problems.  Those worthy of the title 'Mum' and 'Dad' will have done their best to safeguard the health of their child whilst in utero.  Why should it be any different once they pop out?

A brief article I received by e-mail yesterday also made me think that maybe, not enough people invest the time to ensure their children are being encouraged to be healthy when under someone else's supervision.  You'll know how much thought I have been giving to Childcare once I return back to work if you have been following this blog.  It is not possible for me to understand how anyone can do any less when it comes to choosing who to trust with their child's well-being, and where to 'dump' the child whilst they [i.e. parent[s]s] are unavailable.

As a Nerd myself, I value the academic aspect of  pre-school facilities.  I cannot deny though, that unstructured play is vital as well.  Running around, playing pretend, making up stories and games - all of this is a staple in childhood.  Or rather, was, back in "my days".  I would want my child to know the joys of imagination and creativity - not just to act like a trained monkey.

By allowing your child to potentially get hurt - within reason - you're also teaching them coping mechanisms and giving them the chance to earn their Battle Scars.  When I was younger, my legs were always full of bruises and my knees were constantly scabby and scraped.  I recall a few occasions when such injuries were incurred, and to be honest, they are memories I treasure.

Bottom line is this: Allow children to be children.  Take care of their health, and don't throw obstacles in their way that might leave long-term damaging side-effects.  It is uncalled for and to me, pure evil.

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