Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Itch is back!

One major sacrifice I have had to do throughout the pregnancy was not to get any work done. By work, I mean Body Modification.  I have previously mentioned my passion for such modifications in fact.  Perhaps though,some of you don't realise how deep my love for body modification runs.

I have always been fascinated by piercings and tattoos and brightly coloured hair, ever since I was very young. Part of my fascination was due to awesome cartoons such as Jem & The Holograms and Kiss Me Licia.  Other cartoons such as Pollon had other influences on me - such as my interest in Greek Mythology.

Once I turned 18, I took the decision that it was time to get seriously modified.  Thus, my journey began.  I started looking up information online, and tried to research all there was to know about piercings and tattoos in particular.  Then, exactly 7 years ago, I struck gold.  I found a place I could call home - .

Friendships were born,experiences lived and shared, people met, tears shed, laughter laughed...  Bit by bit, I learnt who I was, and became comfortable in my own skin.

I flew as far as the States to be with my newly-found family.  It took me over a year to save up enough money to pay for flights and everything.  It was worth every cent.  At the beginning of 2011, I went to Manchester to meet up with some of my Bmod family - and that is where I got to know the ex.  Almost a year later, I'm about to give birth to my very own Bmod Baby!

Now, when it comes to the aforementioned sacrifice... The issue with getting work done whilst pregnant is not a matter of legality.  It is a matter of precaution - of being safe.  In spite of being really careful and going to a reputable Body Modification Artist, somethings it does happen that things don't go according to plan.  You can do everything right - have good quality jewelry, follow a strict aftercare regime - and yet, an infection finds its nasty way in.  Should that infection finds its way through to your circulatory system, Baby will be affected.

There is also the chance of going into Anaphylactic shock.  Causing your body to go through a lot of unnecessary stress can also lead to complications with the pregnancy.  Therefore, in the Unborn's best interest, it is better to wait.

Now that Creature's arrival is imminent, I can't wait to get modified again!! I'm wanting a couple of tattoos done in his/her honour - one to symbolise his/her connection with Bmod, and the other will be symbolic of the name and its connections to mythology. The second tattoo's placement will depend on Creature's gender - if it turns out that  Creature is a girl, then the tattoo will go on my left arm, and if it is a boy, it'll go on my right arm.  The Bmod Connection will be on my right leg.

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