Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Help! I Need Somebody!

Mistakes and accidents are part of life - a very important one too! The younger we are, the more valuable and useful the experience will be.  Somewhere further down the line, a lot of people stop learning from their own mistakes, which leads to their getting hurt over and over again.

When faces with a crisis, quite a few people panic and end up making an even greater mess out of the situation than what it would originally have been.  Children learn a lot of the basics by mirroring other people's actions - which is why it is a very common scenario to see a child getting hurt, and only burst into tears when the person supervising them panics.  Fussing about causes the child to realise that something is wrong, and they should have a negative reaction to it.

One thing that I feel every parent should consider is learning Basic First Aid Skills.  It not only could save someone's life, but it will also help you learn how to implement Emotional Damage Control and lessen the amount of unnecessary stress you cause to the injured person, and any other person who happens to be around them - yourself included.  Knowing what to do, and who to refer to, will help you have a clear head and improve your Crisis Management Skills, as well as educate your child that just because something negative has happened, it is not the end of the world.  It will allow them to learn about the whole "silver lining" of the proverbial "cloud".

I had attended a First Aid course about 10 years ago, and never did a refresher meaning I'm not considered to be a qualified First Aider nowadays.  I do plan to rectify this as soon as I afford to [both when it comes to investing time in it, as well as the finances].  Locally, courses are provided by St John Ambulance and they have courses starting every month - which should make it easier to commit to.  If you don't have the time or money this month, look at next month, or the month after!

In the meanwhile, another good source of First Aid Skills can be Natural Remedies/Alternative Healing.  There are plenty of items in your own home that can double as emergency medication, for example.  Garlic and Honey happen to be two foods that can work wonders! 

Clicky here, here and here to scare Vampires and other Nasties away, and here, here and here, for information about the Liquid Gold that is Honey.  Please proceed to read about adverse effects as there may be information in there that is extremely important.

Most importantly, know your emergency contact information and teach it to your child.  It is extremely important to include an Emergency Contact card in your Child's personal belongings - be it a school bag, a wallet, or simply to attach it to their pushchair/pram, for example.  This will ensure that should something happen, and you're not around - either because your child gets lost, for example, or the something actually happened to you! - the child is able to get the assistance required.

Write down their name, surname, your name and surname, your contact telephone numbers as well as an Emergency Contact Person's details as well.  I wouldn't recommend to include a home address as it could produce an adverse effect.  Teach your child what your local Emergency Services number is [in Malta, it would be 112] so that if they are the one to place a phone call, they will know who to contact.  Always teach your children their full name, as well as your own full name.  A lot of children end up believing their Mum is actually called Mum.

If you think I'm being too dramatic, check out this video:

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