Friday, 13 January 2012

That is music to my ears!

I can't help but wonder whether Creature is insomniac, just like his/her mother - or whether s/he is a very fidgety sleeper, like his/her Elder Aunt. The Aunt that likes to entangle herself in blankets, resulting in them being stolen off any unfortunate soul sleeping next to her - such as yours truly on quite a few occasions!

I get kicked and punched a lot - however it somehow seems to increase after midnight.  The moment activity increases, this song starts playing in my head:

There are a few songs that I tend to associate with Creature - besides from the above.  One favourite of mine is by Franco Battiato.  For those of you who understand Italian, here it isThis, is its English version - which I don't find to be as beautiful, but still delivers the message.

To me, music has always had a special relevance - and I do give importance to the lyrics - perhaps even more than the melody itself sometimes.  Which is why I don't think Creature will have any traditional lullabies sung off-key to him/her.  I don't find their words appealing.  I would much rather sing badly something along these lines.  Or perhaps, this.


  1. I see what you did there Ros...thanks for the Rick Roll :C