Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Silver Screen Issues

Yesterday evening I went to watch a really disappointing remake of Footloose at the cinema with two of my siblings and their partners.  Besides from having extremely annoying guys sitting behind me whose ideal job would be Sports Commentators, as well as the movie sucking big time, there was one other thing I want to complain about.

This cinema in particular provides booster seats for children - that is something pretty awesome.  Back in my day, we used to have to balance on the folded-up seat and try not to fall off it in order to be able to get a better view of the screen.  The one thing this cinema does not provide, is a nappy changer.

At first I  thought that it could be located in the disabled toilets, so I checked. Nope, no luck there.

Now I understand people rolling their eyes and thinking that a movie theatre is no place for babies. Fair enough.  Potty training can start as early as when the child is 18 months of age.  However, you still find 2 or 3 year olds in nappies when out/  Potty training is messy and a lot of parents don't want to risk accidents happening when out and about.

There is no minimum age limit to go to a cinema.  After all, movies marked as Universal are appropriate for all ages.  Why shouldn't a toddler be taken to a cinema? If they can sit still through a movie, why not?  I just feel that a nappy changing facility would be appropriate to have if you're trying to have a young target audience amongst your clientele.

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