Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Baby Shower Chronicles: Part 1

After managing to sleep about 4hours - split up in hourly doses - I woke up not knowing what  the day was about to bring along.  Everything is being taken care of by my elder sister. 

Not knowing if she had been out the night before, I decided to allow a more humane hour to come by before I call her to ask what time she was coming over.  In the meanwhile, I started tidying up a bit -being a hoarder means My Tidy is Another Person's Nuclear Explosion Site.

Eventually, I got hold of her and she said she'd be over shortly,but might have to split her journey in two to get everything over at my place.  With a raised  eyebrow, I asked "How much stuff did you get?!" to which, being my sister, she replied cryptically "Ah. You'll see."

Puzzled, but having resigned myself to facing my fate anyway, I shrugged and hung up to start working on a playlist for the day. After about half an hour, she arrived brandishing what to me looks like the Epitome of Cake.

Honestly - this must be one of the coolest, most awesome cakes ever! I shall include pictures later, so as not to spoil the fun for whoever is going to show up.

Cake delivered, she departed again, leaving me to my getting ready and tidying up - speaking of which- I'd better run off for now!