Saturday, 21 January 2012

I placed my memories in teddy bear’s paws, My fondest dreams, my wishes and all

Last night I finished what seems to be the first of many Teddy Bears.  It was surprisingly easy to make, in spite of having a mind boggling pattern at first. Once the pattern was figured out though, it became an easy task.  IT felt less like crafting and more like simple assembly.

I've decided to call this one Blueberry Bear- a pun on the colour and kind of animal he is.

Blueberry Bear

 Blueberry Bear& Bunny

I'm a sucker for puns and bad jokes.It isn't the first time that I think up something that seems hilarious to me, however no one else gets it purely because the pun is too obscure for them to figure out.  If Creature inherits my sense of humour, s/he is doomed.  At least as far as others are concerned.

The chances are that this will indeed be the case since I'm likely to be his/her main influence throughout the childhood years. Children pick up on other people's habits and mimic them.It is only further down the line that they learn how to figure things out for themselves. This is why I'm hoping to be able to find a way to prevent passing on my lisp to Creature.

Yes, I have a lisp. It isn't that extreme a case, however the way I see it is this - children aren't born with accents - they pick them up by imitating other people's when learning how to talk. I see a lisp or any other kind of speech defect as no different to accents.  

When I tried to research this theory to see if  it has any scientific backing, I didn't find much.  When it comes to inheriting speech defects the only information I could find was genetic inheritance. A lisp is merely caused by incorrect tongue placement when pronouncing certain letters.  Therefore, if the role model on which a child is basing his/her learning when it comes to speech, has issues with correctly forming certain sounds, is it not logical that they will learn things the wrong way as well?

There is still a lot I need to look into when it comes to this topic in particular.  My advice is this though - if you too have a similar issue, try to fix it before you have children.  It might save them a fair amount of bullying.

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