Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Beginning Of The End!

My apologies in taking so long to update you! I needed to crash first.

So, I met up with my mum at about 3:30pm and hopped on the bus to the clinic. We got there at 4pm, to find an empty waiting room. Awesome! Went in to see the midwife straight away.  Blood pressure was fine, weight showed I gained another half a kilo - meaning I'm now at 86kg. I'm happy with that.  We listened to Creature's heartbeat which was strong and steady.  She then asked me if I will be breastfeeding.

I sighed. I told her I was not sure yet,and explained the difficulties I see me facing with breastfeeding and that if I will go down that road, it will only be for the first month or so.  I explained how soon I will be returning to work and the long hours I work.  She seems to have understood where I'm coming from and said that my hesitation is understandable, but that a month is better than none at all and that it is worth giving it a shot.

We then went in to see the Prof. After a few minutes of us waiting for him, he walked into the room and asked us to go into the bigger office which was now vacant.  He asked me to get on the couch, and we did n ultrasound scan.  Everything appeared to be fine.  Creature's growth is spot on!

Then, the words were spoken.

"You will be checking in at the hospital on Sunday at 10:30am"

I nodded and tried to stay calm.  He got the midwife to check how many people were scheduled to give birth on the Monday - and it turned out there were5 of them already.  So he said "OK, so you go in on Sunday for them to keep you under observation, then we start the induction for the birth to happen on Tuesday."

There. You know now. Creature's arrival is scheduled for the 31st of January 2012.


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    1. repost... meant to say: Excellent! Hope all goes well Ros (I know you've already got a name planned, but if you're still thinking bout it - I propose Charlemagne. Especially if creature's a girl.)

  2. Woot hoot!!!! So looking forward to see if it's a he or a she :P Good luck babe!

  3. no such planning in our case ... Laila had a stomach ache and we went to hospital to check it out, and came back with a baby :) so long as you breast feed, the baby won't get sick, it does make a big difference.. it's also OK I guess to mix breast feeding and bottle feeding depending on the need, in any case it will take a while for the tits to realise they're not needed and during that time you're going to be pumping stuff out of them, risking mastitis, and generally feeling like the cow the farmer forgot ..

    1. Actually mixing breastmilk with formula milk is a bad idea as it tends to lead to constipation and unnecessary stress on the digestive system. In fact this tends to be the case whenever switching milk types as well. It can make for a very upset baby.

      When it comes to breastmilk drying up, you should not pump it out. Rather, you should allow it to dry up by itself. Besides from increasing the chances of mastitis, it also encourages your body to produce even more milk since you're emptying le boobs. Hand expressing should only be encouraged if there is excessive engorgement, and even then, just limited to getting rid of enough to provide some sort of relief.