Monday, 16 January 2012

In the backseat of my Cadillac

Whether you're a passenger or a driver, you will surely be familiar with this scene:

Stressed out parent[s] trying to ignore their child[ren] who is/are busy bouncing all around the backseat, possibly kneeling on the seat facing backwards, waving at the cars behind theirs.

Locally, the concept of wearing seatbelts whilst riding in the backseat is still not that popular.  The idea of child carseats even less so.  Thankfully, on each and every hospital list, there tends to be a carseat listed as a requirement for when you leave hospital.

When I was looking to buy a 3-in-1 travel system, I mentioned the need of a carseat to my mum, who seemed oblivious to the need of having such a security device.  She is an educated person and pretty much up to date with current events- and yet, the concept was foreign to her.  The same can undoubtedly be said about a large portion of the population - especially those above a certain age.

An article I came across earlier reminded me of this topic. In it, there was mentioned that in the US, it has been reported that accidents are the major cause of children's deaths.  Namely car accidents.

It is literally of vital importance that you install the baby carseat properly.

I personally don't drive myself - however 4 people in my immediate family do [actually 5, however I rarely ride with the 5th person].  This means that I will be pestering all of them  to come by for us to try and fit the carseat before Creature arrives - otherwise I'll be screwed when it comes to getting Creature home from hospital after giving birth.

The more cars you familiarise yourself with attaching the carseat in, the better. You never know who might be picking you up - so if you have an idea of how to install the seat in advance, it will reduce frustrations that might arise once you have a squirming crying baby sitting in the seat itself.

If you happen to buy a 2nd hand carseat - make sure it has not been involved in an accident, and that it is not too old.  If the seat you purchase does not come with a manual, do your utmost to contact the manufacturer for assistance.

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